Remember, we are our own griefs, my dear, we are our own happinesses and we are our own remedies.
— Huseyn Raza


Inspired by R&B legends; both past and present, Gyft'D began singing at a very early age. She started performing at school in talent shows, plays and in the Church choir; where she's from in the Highbridge section of The Bronx, New York. This latchkey kid loved getting home to her Harlem apartment changing out of her Catholic school uniform, turning up the radio and singing to her imaginary audience! Gyft'D has performed anywhere they'll allow; from solo's with choir's  to private venue's.

When life took a tragic turn Gyft'D found solace in music. Soon thereafter, she returned to her first love music; her passion, with more determination than ever before. Through writing and recording her own music; as well as, working with other artists, producers, DJ's and engineers Gyft'D began to truly grow.  It was through this growth that she became inspired to share her "Gyft" with the world.  She knew that through her music she could touch the lives of others and allow people a glimpse of who she is.  In this way, Gyft'D began to open her heart, let down her guard and let the music she creates take over.  

Gyft'D refused to let her vulnerability stop her from sharing her experiences; in an effort to teach, touch and guide others along her journey.  Her wish is that all people find their one true “Gyft” and they open their hearts to share their own talents with the world.